A Few Fun Crabs ...

 This piece now resides at Dauphin Island!

 Grandbaby Girl, Keller, got in on the fun 
while hanging out with Gramma at an art event!

Easel work ... 
I do love me some red!

The Local Palate

Thrilled and humbled to be included in 
The Local Palate's Jubilee issue (June/July)!


"Mr. Sonny's Jubilee"

As the painting of this muddy water jubilee developed, I attempted to capture the excitement of just  "being there" through the eyes of my friend, the late Mr. "Sonny" wolfe.  He had a passion for floundering and loved the jubilees on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay.  Mr. Sonny always delighted in talking endlessly about his faith, family and fishing. 

I've been honored to be included in prior 
publications which you can read about here!!

Pots de Crabs

Pots de Crabs

watercolor, approx 11x 14

This one took awhile.  
Started it last summer
but other projects kept 
getting in the way!

"Crab Boil"
~celebrating the oil spill recovery~
24x24 Acrylic/Collage

Isn't this fabulous?!!!  A fellow artist and dear friend created this for me to give to my daughter and son-in-love on the occasion of their daughter's second birthday.  It is a mixed media replica of Adelyn Keller White's First Birthday Cake a year prior. 

Since the original cake was devoured, it was my desire as Super Granmom (the current title bestowed upon me by Keller, to have an adequate arsty memory of my first & only granbaby girl's first birthday celebration!  Michelle Foreman Leech had to be the one to do it!  She kindly agreed and was given full artistic license to embellish with whatever materials would serve the end goal of Keller recognizing her first birthday cake for years to come.  This is likely to become a tradition in our family after more grandchildren are born!  

Watercolor/India Ink


~ Watercolors ~

I'll be at the Festival of Flowers Thursday - Sunday this week!!
Come by and see us!  We'll be across from Al's 5 & 10!


~ Mixed Media Masks ~

A few of twelve I created for the Mardi Gras Art Walk!

In the Company of Angels

My first angels! Lovin the distressed texture of these 8x8 multi-media acrylics on gallery canvases.

. . . pear

Simply, another pear.
I added copper hi-lites to the background and love the distressed look of it! I'm thinking I may tackle a watercolor next ... a pear, of course!

Watercolor & Indian Ink

"Sunflower VII" (left)

6x6 watercolor w/Indian Ink

"Sunflower VIII" 9x9 (right)
Watercolor w/Indian Ink

This may just be my favorite style of painting. I love the looseness and simplicity of it!

Crab's, Fish & Turtles Galore!

Child's Play! The above grouping is actually 15 individual 8x8 canvases in a similar color palette to pick and choose from! Start to finish in three days. I thought I'd get tired of painting crabs but I guess I'm still hooked! I was asked at a prior outdoor show to do some pieces that could be mixed and matched with a funky coastal theme. Following on the heels of several bridesmaids gifts, I worked thru a weekend and did this set. I was seeing crabs in my sleep!

This is the actual print. It is 11x11 and you can cover as much of the border as you like with a mat when framing, or simply leave the border as is! It's all a matter of taste and preference!
(Note: this program is doing some updating so pics may not be loading correctly right now ... such as all the white next to this image. Hope they will get the bugs out soon!)

To the right is a separate set of crabs I did as a commis-sion for a bride-to-be as local / coastal art gifts for her bridesmaids! She requested all crabs in a funky style and bright colors! What a cool idea!

When the pieces were picked up I was told they could see each of the girls' personalities in them! {{{smile}}} I love it when a plan comes together!
8x8 acrylics on gallery canvas


These are individual 5x7 watercolors. Red Bell Pepper, Artichoke and tomato. Sounds like a good mixture to saute for dinner to spread over some crusty bruschetta!!

"The Docks of Aloe Bay"

"The Dock" 30x48 Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

Each of these pieces were inspired by the original fish camps of Dauphin Island next to the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Site. They have been called everything from bird houses to out houses! We own one of these little 500 square foot wonders! It is our home away from home!

"Sunrise on Aloe

This one is a little quirky 6x17 watercolor and is part of my private collection. This was one of those 'just pick up the paint-brush and go at it without drawing first' pieces and is my favorite of all of the dock pieces!

"Dock Neighbors" is a little more subdued and more detailed. It is also a 6x17 water- color. Ours is the gray one with the fish awning. I always add purple to the color cause gray is so gloomy! My husband thinks it's funny cause when he was choosing a paint color for the building I wouldn't let him paint it purple!

The 'Real McCoy"  .... 
The Docks of Aloe Bay
Dauphin Island, Alabama
The grey one: Our 300 sf Home away from home!


"Melody" This is my first collage in a very, very long time. I really didn't have a plan. I knew I would use a bird image somehow. The actual image is on the other side. When I turned it over to apply the glue, I liked the back side better so it went bottom's up! Tissue paper provided the background texture and bits & pieces of this and that along with tear-outs from the old Webster's and some stamping completed the piece. Can't wait to do the next one! Ideas abound! 8x8 mixed media collage on gallery canvas.


She stood aloof in her gown torn from the pages of a Sears & Roebuck catalogue.

Torn paper, mixed media 12x12

That Turquoise Pop!

"All the Way" This image has been dancing around in my head for over a year! After finishing a watercolor of oysters on a turquoise Fiesta ware platter, I thought how grand the colors of a bacon cheeseburger would pop on a turquoise background! I finally got around to it in the spring of 2009 and recently finished the piece just in time for September Artwalk in downtown Mobile. 24x24 Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

"Bi-Valve Joy" is the piece that inspired the cheeseburger above! I remember taking the photograph for this one! We were at the River Shack on Dog River having dinner. Chandler and his boys came in and sat down close by. He ordered a dozen half shells. I wouldn't let him eat til I got a good picture of it! I did this watercolor with the turquoise platter instead of the black tray they served em on! I wonder if we'll ever be able to eat local oysters again since that oil spill.

"Half Shells" This little 6x17 watercolor has been a big hit! The original was purchased the The Original Oyster House and the prints are a best seller! I couldn't decide whether to do the turquoise background or an orange one at the time. The orange kick came much later ...

Cows and more cows!

I'm beginning to love this cow thing! I'm learning the more I paint a particular subject, the more I see it. Really see it! Why do cows look at you so intensely? It's like their eyes could tell both their story and yours! Acrylic on gallery canvas 8x8

"Mirabella" This piece was an art study in watercolor. I wanted to challenge myself with shadows using purples and blues. I think she is adorable. I'd share the artist's name if I could have read it. I had to use a magnifying glass to paint her because the picture I found in an old magazine was about the size of a half dollar!

"Edith" This little jewel is oil on a 5x5 canvas and was painted from a photograph taken by the side of the road. I like it but somehow it lacks depth. I didn't attempt to paint the whole cow cause I didn't have enough time but I like this "in your face" pose alright! Moo!

How does your garden grow?

"Rudbeckia" I had a huge bed of these black eyed susans in my front yard for several years. Too much rain this year has nearly killed them. Hope they have a come back next year! O was returning home from errands and saw what was left of them as I walked up the sidewalk and had to paint a memorial...just in case!
Acrylic on gallery canvas 8x8

"Fiori da Giardino"

Just needed a little sunshine indoors the day I painted this watercolor! Garden Flowers does exactly what it was meant to do ..... brighten up your world!

There's Just Something About a Red Shrimp Boat!

"Hope" 12x48 Acrylic on Gallery Canvas. I love, love, love long skinny pieces! I've done several this size and many long skinny 6x17 watercolors too. I think it's the quirkiness of the size.

"Jennifer Kaye" is an 18x24 watercolor I did when I first started painting. I need to revisit the sky and water before I offer it for sale. I often see this red shrimp boat out in Mobile Bay late in the afternoon near Dauphin Island.