Cows and more cows!

I'm beginning to love this cow thing! I'm learning the more I paint a particular subject, the more I see it. Really see it! Why do cows look at you so intensely? It's like their eyes could tell both their story and yours! Acrylic on gallery canvas 8x8

"Mirabella" This piece was an art study in watercolor. I wanted to challenge myself with shadows using purples and blues. I think she is adorable. I'd share the artist's name if I could have read it. I had to use a magnifying glass to paint her because the picture I found in an old magazine was about the size of a half dollar!

"Edith" This little jewel is oil on a 5x5 canvas and was painted from a photograph taken by the side of the road. I like it but somehow it lacks depth. I didn't attempt to paint the whole cow cause I didn't have enough time but I like this "in your face" pose alright! Moo!

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